Amazon links cloud to health sector

With many different sectors appearing to benefit from what cloud computing can offer to users and companies around the world, it is not surprising that the health sector stands to receive major benefits.

One of the key reasons the health and medical industry, in general, could get a boost from the cloud is because there are so many sensors and pieces of information that are not being collated as effectively as they could be, meaning cloud technology can provide solutions.

Now, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is getting in on the act, with one of the world’s cloud giants looking for new ways to move into different markets. The e-commerce behemoth has announced that, with a team of researchers in Pittsburgh, it will work on machine learning capabilities, including key delivery of commercialisation of products, and also being able to introduce cancer risk scores to patients, based on reams of raw data.

The Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance (PHDA) will team up with AWS through a sponsorship deal, as big data becomes the next goal in healthcare, with scattered approaches still the norm in many fields. A twofold aspect is driving this push towards cloud migration and machine learning capability – both on huge potential cost savings, and also how it could transform the way clinical decisions are processed and made. One company connected genetic data to machine learning tools to find that they managed to improve the chance of progression-free survival by 92%, suggesting that some key breakthroughs may be just around the corner.

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