Alibaba to focus on the cloud after restructure

Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, has confirmed it is set to move further into the potentially crowded cloud computing scene after announcing a full business restructure this Monday, to re-evaluate its position in a rapidly developing tech scene. Alibaba’s current expansion into cloud technology has seen it try to combat Amazon and its Amazon Web Services (AWS) arm, as well as in e-commerce, and it now confirms it is set to head further in this direction.

With an additional focus on how to provide services for retail businesses in a world where hybrid operations are becoming more interesting and more accessible, it is rumoured to be the last change Alibaba makes before their esteemed executive chairman and founder, Jack Ma, steps down in 2019. It is hoped to be a legacy move, steering them in a strong new direction.

The CEO, Daniel Zhang, said in an internal memo that they are also renaming Alibaba Cloud to be Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. It suggests that they are looking to head into insight as much as operations.

While retaining only a small portion of the market share in Europe, lagging behind the likes of AWS, Alibaba operates in almost half of China’s huge cloud scene, showing how it is looking to build on stable home dominance to increase output elsewhere. To maximise its inroads into the cloud, it has been developing its offerings in data computing, smart technology, advanced AI, and new tech infrastructure, which will all be integrated into its product.

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