African development set to be boosted by cloud

Developing nations have realised the potential benefits that could be provided by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing, but now it appears we are getting closer to such progress being harnessed.

Many burgeoning African nations are hoping to align themselves with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as the world becomes more attuned with a changing climate. In order for these countries to be able to meet these sustainability efforts without dampening economic growth, a technological solution is required.

With aims to increase efficiency across the board, cloud technology could have a huge say in how easily agricultural efforts can be expanded and improved, without having a negative impact on carbon emissions. With water sources also potentially scarce in the coming decades, how the current levels are managed will be essential to securing supplies for future generations.

One of the main benefits of cloud infrastructure, and open-source access in general, is that there is no need to purchase lots of expensive hardware in order to provide immediate solutions, with software and fast processing power now shared across data centres around the world.

This reduces costs and makes it much easier to get projects off the ground, so now it seems a plateau has been reached where nations with smaller budgets for technological capacity can now get access to the tools they need to be equipped for a changing world.

From increasing connectivity speeds to implementing exciting features such as biometric readings, it seems the cloud is set to boost Africa’s technological development for years to come.

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