2019 trends for cloud computing

Given the scale of cloud technology becoming more of an everyday thing in UK business life, it will come as no surprise that analysts are not just predicting more of the same. With more capabilities available and more businesses understanding the use of cloud, it means there is a need to keep the demand-side development raising the bar so more benefits can be eked out of it.

The big trends, Amazon Web Services (AWS) maintained their grip on the majority of market share, but the likes of Microsoft and Google both started to bite into this share, and Microsoft particularly started to use the cloud to their advantage to end 2018 as the top tech stock on the Dow.

As adoption picks up, enterprises are expected to start adjusting what they can offer, and there is also thought to be strong scope for a more tailored cloud approach in many cases, with not every company happy with the ‘good at everything, not great at anything’ intention that some of the big companies have opted for.

With plenty of small businesses looking for something they can alter to meet their needs rather than having to comply with the mechanisms set up by a larger cloud company, there is a train of thought that there are plenty of market inroads that can be made by smaller cloud enterprises who can offer bespoke solutions to help take a business online and ready for the next decade.