2019 IoT spend set to increase in 86% of enterprises

The number of companies investing in new technologies to help streamline their businesses and reach new heights is increasing year-on-year in many sectors, and it now seems that the Internet of Things (IoT) is on a list of priorities for many enterprises.

According to new research from Zebra Technologies, 86% of enterprises are expected to beef up their investments in IoT over the next year, while 2018 saw a 4% increase in investments on last year, coming in at around $4.6million this year. The research suggests that 38% of the companies asked already have full IoT capability in production, while 84% think they will have integrated it into their current operations within two years. It marks a huge uptake in usage in just a few years when few people knew its full potential at the start of the decade.

How it will change over the next one remains to be seen, but already many companies are looking to invest in the future tech they need to meet the demands of a changing consumer world. Another 67% are sending out data in real-time to employees and clients, while 82% are sharing information internally through IoT on at least a daily basis.

According to Zebra, those who are increasing their work in this sector are to be classed as ‘intelligent enterprises’, which “leverages ties between the physical and digital worlds to enhance visibility and mobilise actionable insights that create better customer experiences,” as well as “drive operational efficiencies or enable new business models.”

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