Map to your customers’ sales expectations

Keeping up with the latest trends in customer expectations is an important part of making sure your business stays competitive. Although large corporations used to have big advantages in this area that simply isn’t the case today, as software packages like Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Sales offers all the tools you need to get the job done.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

As you would expect with a Microsoft product, Dynamics 365 for Sales works easily in conjunction with familiar applications such as Office 365’s Outlook. However, the software also integrates well with LinkedIn, bringing a whole new aspect to the way in which you can work.


Keeping tabs of changing customer behaviours is key to increasing sales, and one of the most confusing aspects of this can be juggling multiple ways in which you make connections, both online and offline.

The ‘Experience is everything: Here’s how to get it right’ from PWC in May last year found that 82% of customers now expect a seamless experience over different channels, but with the added extra of increased levels of human interaction.

Furthermore, by as early as next year, 88% will expect a sales experience that is personalised, according to Walker’s ‘Customers 2020: Progress Report’ from 2017.


These continuing developments in customer expectations bring plenty of challenges for your business. The need to be able to manage multiple customer relationships across various channels while understanding and engaging with them fully can be both time consuming as well as costly if you make the wrong choices.

The solution is to see customer interactions as a collaboration that allows you to deal with their needs and requirements quickly and efficiently.

Human contact

One of the most recent studies into the subject took place in January 2019, when TOPO released their “Sales Process: How to Design and Manage a Process That Will Scale” report. It found that 60% of companies simply lack a well thought out sales process that has been designed with the expectations of their customers in mind.

This can lead to fundamental misunderstandings about the way in which a sale progresses and causes simple and avoidable problems to have a negative effect on conversion rates.

Another study revealed that 70% of customers are a long way down the sales tunnel before they even get the chance to connect with a salesperson, and this goes against all the data which points towards human contact and interaction being a big expectation.

The right tools

As with most new situations that arise, your business can usually deal with them effectively if you have the right tools for the job. Dynamics 365 for Sales is the perfect answer for many SMEs due to the way it fits in with existing systems and offers such a flexible approach in the different ways that it can be used. To learn more about the impact it can have, download this infographic (Map To Your Customer Sales Expectations).

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