Purchasing and Managing Office 365 Subscription Licenses

office 365 blogYou can administer your Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions via the Microsoft on-line web site, at https://login.microsoftonline.com, before login to this web site the user must be assigned either the Global Administrator role or Billing administrator role, the following outlines the roles available for administrator(s):


Global administrator

The main administrator to the Office 365, which has access to all features. The user that signs up to purchase Microsoft Office 365 becomes a global administrator. Only global administrators can assign other administrator roles and you can have multiple global administrators.

Billing administrator

Purchases additional features / licenses, view invoices, manages subscriptions, manages support tickets, and monitors service health.

Password administrator

Resets user passwords, manages service requests (Support Tickets), and monitors service health. Password administrators can reset passwords only for users and other password administrators.

Service administrator

Manages service requests (Microsoft Support Tickets) and monitors service health of the Office 365 system.

The following instructions outline managing the individual Office 365 subscriptions via the portal for an individual company:

1. Login to the Microsoft Office 365 portal, via https://login.microsoftonline.com as a user with the correct administrator roles.


2. To manage the Office 365 subscription click on “Licensing” from the menu on the left hand side of the screen, as shown above, and select the agreement you wish to view

3. Once you have clicked on the subscription, the below screen will appear, which allows individual to “View Bill”, via clicking on the view bill option Note: To return back to the main Microsoft Office 365 admin screen, simply click on the “Admin” button on the top line, and select “Office 365”.


4.To view your current Office 365 Licenses Plan(s), which includes the Assigned, Expired and Valid License count, click on the “Licenses” option from the main Office 365 admin screen and select from the menu bar “Licenses”, as shown below:


5. To purchase additional Microsoft Office 365 features / licenses, simply click on the “Purchase Services” option from the main Office 365 admin screen. This will display all the Office 365 plans available to purchase, as shown below


6. To purchase an additional license, simply select the correct Plan, and click on the “Add” button, then select the quantity of licenses to purchase and continue with the financial questions.

For more information about how to purchase and manage your Office 365 subscription licences or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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