Is it time to change your IT support provider?

Most small and medium-sized companies can’t afford to have dedicated in-house IT support, which is why outsourcing to a third-party provider makes good financial sense. However, while it is easy to become complacent and fall into the trap of dealing with ‘the devil you know’, it’s always worth checking if it might be time to change your IT services provider every now and again.

Reasons for change

New statistics from CompTIA, a global trade association of IT professionals which is run on a non-profit basis, show that there are six main reasons that a business decides to change IT provider. Obviously high costs are a factor, as are poor response times and a feeling of being neglected, but other equally important factors such as a lack of providing expertise and innovative solutions also figure prominently. Of course, as with any other B2B partners, finding your IT provider to be difficult to work with is usually a killer blow as well.

Operational functionality

The quality of service that your business receives from your IT supplier can have wide-ranging effects on the day to day functionality of your operations. Data loss and downtime are both problems that can have serious repercussions and are aspects of IT support that you must expect to be taken seriously and dealt with swiftly and successfully.

Signs that it’s time to change

Obviously, many, if not all, business relationships will have its small problems and glitches from time to time but ignoring these red flags can lead to problems further down the line if they are not dealt with to your satisfaction. Some signs to watch out for are if costs are raised unjustifiably, if lines of communication become slow or difficult, and if issues raised are not dealt with in a timely manner. This latter aspect of slow response times is one of the most common reasons for businesses to decide it’s time to ring the changes.

Updates and innovation

IT support should always install the latest updates and patches to ensure a good level of cybersecurity and to maximise operational capacity, but offering innovative solutions both in terms of hardware and software should also be a part of the service. If a new technology becomes available, your IT provider should be aware of it even if you might not be β€“ it’s up to them to give you all the information you need as well as the chance to take advantage of new opportunities.

Fear of change

As with many things in life, fear of change can lead you to stay with the status quo and keep things as they are. However, in business, you must take action if any type of goods or services is no longer delivering what you need, no matter how long you have been with a supplier.

As a business, you have the right to demand the best from every other company you deal with, and IT provision is no different. Fear of change must be faced head-on – if you would like to know how we can help, contact our support staff today. Switching may be far easier than you think and might even work out to be more cost-effective.

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