Employees – the biggest threat to your cybersecurity

The issue of cybersecurity is a priority for every business operating in today’s trading environment. Not only are there compliance obligations to meet, such as those set out in the GDPR legislation, but there are also many risks and dangers to recognise and address.

Possibly the biggest threat to the digital operations side of your business is ‘hiding in plain sight’ as it comes from an obvious but often overlooked source – your employees, staff, or co-workers. By making the wrong choices when handling data, including opening an email, anyone in your organisation can open a virtual door for someone with malicious intent to gain access to your systems.


Handling data is now part of the day-to-day working routine of so many people that it tends to be taken for granted. The impact of GDPR has highlighted the issue for many, and increased awareness of ransomware and phishing attacks has helped bring cybersecurity to the attention of others.

But if your employee awareness is lacking then other good work can be undone. By opening a malicious attachment, or clicking on a disingenuous link, anyone inside your operation can undo all the extra levels of security you might have put in place. Worse, negligence with the creation, use, and handling of passwords can offer hackers dangerous exploitation opportunities that they will use against you.


A well trained and safety-aware workforce can be a strong asset as part of a cybersecurity strategy. Once it is realised that it takes more than hardware and software implemented precautions and solutions to meet the required level of security, it is a relatively easy step to ensure the development of an internal culture to maintain safety.


After an assessment of each individuals’ understanding of the threats, a training and education programme can be put in place to respond to the various cyber threats. Not only does this give employees and co-workers the knowledge and skills they need, but it also increases their sense of personal responsibility in these areas.

As the dangers show no signs of decreasing and have recently become more prevalent for smaller businesses, having a cyber safety-smart workplace culture is the only way to be sure of protecting against security breaches and data losses, whether from unintended consequences or targeted attacks.

At GCC, we offer the help and support you need to ensure that everyone involved in working for your business is equipped with the information they need and the skills to put it into practice. This proactive support is what sets us apart – find out more by talking to us today.

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