Is early adoption a risk or a benefit?

New technology is proliferating at a rapid rate across nearly every business service imaginable. One must plan the introduction of new solutions very carefully to prevent chaos. For that, you need the help of a company that has proven expertise in helping SMEs choose and implement the right new technology for their particular line of business, at that specific moment in time.
Many factors require careful consideration:

  • When and how should your business implement cloud computing?
  • How can you benefit from the massive increase in mobile device usage?
  • Is there a way you can apply the Internet of Things to enhance your business?
  • Should you automate data analysis and use it to produce summarized monthly reports?
  • Is it possible to improve the management statistics you get from the vast amount of data you gather?

These complex questions are best answered with the help of a consulting agency with years of relevant experience and industry-leading expertise.

Understanding technological changes

It takes resources and time to study the vast changes occurring in the business computing industry. Understand these changes and use them to your best advantage with the help of a highly skilled business partner.

The cloud clarified

In recent years, the adoption rate of cloud computing rose staggeringly with the launch of low-cost computing, super-fast networks and nearly unlimited data storage, combined with the general adoption of utility computing and service-oriented data centres.

A strong selling point for cloud computing is flexible subscription options. It is usually available on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, which means that businesses can adjust their cloud computing adoption to suit their needs at any particular moment, meaning that you only pay for what you need.

Cloud computing presents numerous storage, connectivity, and cost-cutting opportunities. It might be what your business needs right now, or it could be useful in some parts of your IT system, but not in others. Even if it is the right way to go, how do you migrate existing data and/or services with minimum disruption to other business operations? Work with experts to craft a cloud strategy that takes advantage of this pioneering development in the business computing industry.

A connected workforce

Mobile device usage is exploding across the globe. With that comes increased access to the Internet – which means that nowadays, most people are connected 24/7. This can profoundly affect your business with the enhanced productivity, tailor-made marketing campaigns and personalised service it promises.

However, unless you have a clear mobile device strategy combined with a well-planned implementation programme, you might miss out on these opportunities. Consult with a specialist partner to craft a tailored plan based on your priorities and goals.

Data strategy

The average business has a massive amount of data at its disposal. To turn this into a business asset, you need a clear strategy to transform all that data into usable information that will enhance your marketing and other business decisions.

This is about much more than technology. Your organisation needs a detailed plan to manage, store and analyse data in such a way that it meets user requirements at all levels of the organisation. Your company data has to be transformed from mountains of uninterpreted information into the driving forces of intelligent business decisions – something with which we can help.



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