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GCCBLOG-210219Introduced towards the end of 2018, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is a relatively new element of the industry-leading software suite. If you are not yet familiar with the options it offers, it might be of interest if your business doesn’t need the full set of features that are included in the main Enterprise licence.

The new Customer Service licence introduces a slimmed-down option that can be more cost-effective while still operating in the same way that Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional can help to deliver core sales.

Customer Service licences

Where Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Enterprise is aimed at large customer service processes by offering more than core support functionality, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Professional is aimed at businesses needing more streamlined capabilities to deal with needs that might be less complex than other users while still requiring core support functionality.

Although Customer Service Enterprise offers unrestricted use rights, Customer Service Professional is limited to a maximum of 15 custom entities. It is one reason it appeals to smaller companies, start-ups, SMEs, and sole traders, as the restriction comes without negative impacts, unlike the bare bones alternatives from some rival software houses.

Creating support experiences

Whether you want to offer engagement with your clients in a support environment based on different pathways, such as self-service, community, or social channels, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Professional can route enquiries from any social channel intelligently and put it in front of the right agent.

Resolution can also be automated using the built-in AI ‘virtual agents’ thereby allowing more human interactions for high-value customers. The interface itself helps agents find relevant information easily and quickly, enabling them to provide a bespoke service every time. As expected from Microsoft, the AI customer service framework is the most powerful in the market, using smart, fast service bots that are available 24/7.

Agent-facing bots can be used to empower agents, allowing them to avoid escalations and become more productive. This is done by providing contextual data about customers so that ‘smart’ recommendations can be made on the go and any service and support issues can be dealt with before they become a problem.

Keep updated

The October 2018 update added the capability to create new lead records on a Customer Service Professional licence, as well as including access to the Customer Service Hub. With simple connectivity options that allow integration with Outlook, Excel, and Power BI, the platform is inherently flexible. Full access from mobile devices using the smartphone and tablet apps also comes as standard.

Support for you

If you are interested in using the updated capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Professional licence to enhance your customer support capabilities, you may need more information or advice. At GCC, we pride ourselves on our client support environment. By taking a proactive as well as a responsive approach, we ensure that our customers are always up to speed with developments in new tech and software. Contact us today for further details.

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