Dynamics 365 CRM – Wave 2 2020 – Marketing – Teams Integration

Dynamics 365 CRM


Wave 2 2020 integrates Teams with Marketing so that you can now create an event and host it online in Teams.  A new section in the Event form now has options for Teams.

The event can either be a Teams Live Event or a Team meeting.

The meeting details such as Producers and Presenters can be managed directly from marketing.

Using the email send functionality you can then invite people to the event which will give them the login URL to the event and will give you the tracking statistics so you know who you invited, who registered and who attended the event.  You can then of course extend the journey in marketing so that follow up emails are sent to people that did attend the event.

This level of integration now properly rounds of the online event management in Marketing.

How do I get this?

If you are on Dynamics 365 Marketing the cloud you will get these changes with 2020 Wave 2.


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