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It seems Microsoft have renamed the common data service… again… I definitely need to get a job in the “Microsoft renaming stuff department”.

The new name is Microsoft Dataverse.

For those a bit mystified as to what Microsoft Dataverse is; it is the database platform that the Dynamics 365 suite sits on.  It allows the integration of all the Dynamics 365 apps (CRM), PowerApps and Power Automate to operate.

This time though, the renaming doesn’t just apply to the service itself, it goes further and the contents of the service have also been renamed, so those used to the terminology of Dynamics 365 CRM will start to see:

  • Entities becoming Tables
  • Fields becoming Columns
  • Records becoming Rows
  • Option Sets (what everyone calls pick lists) becoming Choices
  • Two Options (commonly referred to as checkboxes) becoming Yes/No

For those more used to standard database terminology, for example in Microsoft Access, the new terminology will hopefully make more sense; after all when it comes down to it, the Dataverse really is a SQL database in the cloud.

Talking of Microsoft Access, you get a sense of where this is intended to go. Back in the day any department in a company that needed a database cobbled one together in Microsoft Access.  In the late 1900’s (yes you are that old) Access did this job very well, but as we entered the 21st Century and cloud computing, Access started to bust at the seams.  Yes, the Dataverse was born from the backend database of Microsoft CRM, but it could now be viewed as a form of Access for the modern world.

When you deploy the database and then write model or canvas Power Apps to access the data, in Access speak the PowerApps would be forms for entering and viewing your data.  Some of that data may also reside in CRM or other Dynamics 365 apps.

Also, on the horizon is Dataflex for Microsoft Teams, as Microsoft continue to push more functionality into Teams with it becoming your main collaboration platform that you use.

So, to conclude,  another name change, but this one goes a bit further and starts to line things up for the future roadmaps.


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