Do you need to display data from Sage 200 in Excel?

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Sage 200 – Send to Excel from Screens, List Views and Workspaces


In Sage 200, right-click and Send to Excel works in Sage 200 screens, list views and workspaces.

How do I do this?

Before exporting any data to Excel:

  • Save any Excel spreadsheets you might currently be working on
  • Consider the number of rows you are about to export; very large exports might take some time to process – consider exporting a selection of data rather than all rows if there is a lot of data


Any Sage 200 screen that shows data in a ‘grid’ style, where there are rows and columns, can easily be exported into Excel.

The example below uses Nominal Ledger >> Nominal Enquiries >> Transaction Enquiry though applies to every screen in Sage 200 where data is shown in rows and columns.

Right-click anywhere in the data / grid area to show the pop-up menu, select Export, then either All to Excel or Selected to Excel; note that with the Selected to Excel option not all screens will allow multiple rows to be highlighted.


Excel will open and the data will be dropped in exactly as is shown in Sage 200, with the column headings.


List Views

List Views can all be exported to Excel.

This example shows Accounting System Manager >> Transaction Audit Trail List.


Note: if the Scrollable View tick box in the top right is selected, then only the top 1000 records will be exported; when the Scrollable View tick box is selected, wording to this effect is shown above the list in the middle (between the last refreshed date and scrollable view tick-box): If you might have more than 1000 rows in the list view please ensure Scrollable View tick-box is unticked before you export.

You can use the usual Shift or Ctrl key on keyboard to highlight/select certain rows or blocks of rows to then use the Export > Selected to Excel option; the Totals row at the very bottom shows how many rows are selected. The Swap and Clear buttons at the right on the shortcut bar at the top can be used to help make or clear rows selected.

Remember that columns in the list views can be changed, you can use filters to select required data and you can sort data by clicking on column headings.

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Very similar to exporting List Views, panels in Workspaces can also be exported by right-click >> Export.

The example below shows the workspace Workspaces >> Stock Control >> Stock Status Enquiry.


As with List Views columns can be added, removed and repositioned (in Workspaces this is right-click >> Column Selector), filters can be applied, and columns sorted in ascending/descending order by clicking in the column heading.

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