Do you know the integrity of your Sage 200 data?

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It is highly recommended that Sage 200 users regularly, at least monthly, run the Verify Data options in Sage 200 to check the integrity of the Sage 200 data.

Verify Data should also be run at your financial year end.

What does this do?

Verify Data:

  • Checks that the transactions on each account adds up to the account balance, and
  • Checks the account totals add up to the total ledger balance, and
  • Checks certain other transactional integrity such as transaction types are correct, and that there are no invalid period numbers or VAT codes

How do I do this?

Important: Please ensure that all users are logged out of Sage 200 before running any Verify Data options

(Accounting System Manager >> System Utilities >> User Login Status > select Users tab – check Login Status column)

Accounting System Manager >> System Utilities >> Verify Data >> Financials, and

Accounting System Manager >> System Utilities >> Verify Data >> Commercials



When run as a regular routine, for example when starting your period end process:

Choose the ledger to run validate data on, the example the above screenshot shows Sales ledger is selected

Under Account Selection select All Accounts

In Validate Data Options select Validate and report anomalies

Click OK, then Yes, you do wish to continue


When completed the result is shown on the Error Log screen


If there are no errors, click Close

When running on the Financial modules, please re-open the Financials option and run on the next module, until you have run the process on all of Sales, Purchase, Nominal and Cash Book ledgers.

If you also use Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing or Stock modules, open the Commercials menu item and run similarly there; with Commercials it is possible to select to run on all 3 modules at the same time; if running for the first time we suggest running one at a time, so you know how long they take before running all 3 together.

If any errors are reported please contact the Service Desk straight away; contact details are given below.

The Service Desk will discuss with you possible causes and resolutions needed to deal with any errors reported; this will involve running the routine again this time selecting Validate, report and correct anomalies, though only after a backup has been taken. Fixing errors can often involve more than just running the correct option so please be sure to take advice from the Service Desk.

Additional Information

Please note that although Verify Data carries out some essential data integrity checks, there are possible data issues, for example that might be caused by a PC losing connection to Sage 200, that might not be picked up by Verify Data – So if you have lost connection to Sage 200 or had other technical issues, or see anything ‘odd’ when looking at data please contact the Service Desk straight away.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or


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