Do you believe your current backups will protect you from Ransomware?

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If you believe your backup strategy means you’re protected from the worst that cyber-criminals can throw at you, we’ve got some bad news. Ransomware creators know all about backups!

So, if you are unfortunate enough to get a “Ransomware Demand” notice, there’s a very good possibility that the attacker in question has already been stealthily working their way through your systems for some time, ensuring your recovery data has already been comprehensively trashed.

This suggests that a swift recovery isn’t on the cards, and that you, your organisation, and possibly your customers, suppliers, and partners are all totally at the mercy of the miscreants.

Adopting a defensive, in depth approach is part of the solution, and everyone should be doing this anyway. But what if you could ensure that your backups were indeed beyond the reach of attackers, ensuring your organisation is able to bounce back from ransomware and other attacks, with timely manner, with a complete copy of your data?

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