Customer alert messages – How to inform users of important customer information

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On a customer account, alert messages can be created that will pop-up to any user who starts to create an invoice or a sales order, or other specified actions.

What does this do?

The pop-up messages, called Alerts, will inform users of any important information for that customer; for example, this might be a message from your credit control, a reminder on something the customer wants including on an order or invoice – for example if a purchase order number must be given on the invoice, or information relating to how goods should be shipped, etc.

How do I do this?

Sales Ledger >> Sales Accounts >> Amend Account Details > select a customer account > select the Alerts tab.

To add a new Alert, click the Add button.


Enter the Alert, then select the actions when the message should be displayed.

Ensure the Alert is set to Active and click OK.


More Alerts can be added if multiple messages are needed.

Then click Save.

When a user chooses one of the selected actions for an account with an Active Alert, the Alert immediately displays in its own window.


User clicks OK to close the window.

To view the Alert again click this icon. 


Additional Information

Alerts can be set as Inactive, which means they wont pop-up to the user, though can be Activated in the future if needed again.

If an Alert won’t be used again it can be deleted.

You can check which customers have Alerts by using the Customer Account Enquiry workspace – using the column Active Alerts.

If your Workspace does not show the Active Alerts column you can add it: –

Workspaces >> Sales Ledger >> Customer Account Enquiry.

Right-click the heading of any column and select Add Column to the Left/Right > Active Alerts.


Further Information

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