Does your business need management reporting?

Before we can answer that question, we first need to make sure that we are on the same page regarding the definition of management reporting.

Management reporting defined

Management reporting systems provide the type of information that is crucial for a firm’s managers to run the business. These reports often contain data that already forms part of other reports, e.g. financial info – but a robust management reporting system will provide this data in a way that it is more useful to managers.

Gross data could, for example, appear divided into regional figures, business departments/divisions/units, products, clients, and individual sales people or customer support agents.

Desktop or mainframe?

Because it’s often seen as being cheaper to produce, many senior managers prefer to run their management reporting software on desktop computers. They also see this as easier to customise to their individual needs.

There are of course drawbacks to this approach. A system running on a senior manager’s PC could become so highly customised over time that he or she is the only one who really understands it. And if that person leaves, his or her successor will have to set up something new from scratch.

Another negative is that desktop-based management reporting systems are often not connected to the mainframe computer system, which means that all data input must occur manually!

On the other hand, the development of mainframe/cloud-based management reporting systems without the input of the managers who will be using that information are also doomed to fail, because they can eventually end up as endless pages of data – little of which is of any relevance to a manager.

Our approach

Because we understand people and technology, GCC’s management reporting covers a wide array of updates and services, all created to make sure that important stakeholders receive relevant data at the correct level of involvement.

Depending on the enhanced services you choose and the IT system involved, our standard management reporting package includes at least one of the reports set out below:

Monthly incident report

Every month, GCC will deliver a report that sets out precisely what incidents the helpdesk has responded to and captured. We categorise the events for you as follows: incidents where GCC has been contacted by clients who had an issue; incidents where the company pro-actively solved a problem before the customer even knew it had one, or had a chance to report it; and service requests called in by clients.

Weekly summary 

This Premium Plus report sets out details of and confirms the operation and performance of your Network or Server. Every week you will get a summary of all the services that have been checked every day of that week.

Device software and desktop summary

Every month you will get a summary of the software installed on every PC, including a list of all programs that have been uninstalled from that device during the month, as well as new programs that have been installed.

Device hardware and desktop summary

Each month GCC – the home of effective technology solutions – will send you a summary of the hardware that is present on every computer. This report also examines important hardware issues such as available disk space, and raises an alert if disk space drops below a vital threshold.


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