Business Central – Wave 2 2020 – Navigational Changes

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Wave 2 2020 brings some small menu description changes to increase clarity around what option does what.

For example, there were a few instances of the word “Navigate” in the menu which depending on location did slightly different things.


Business Central Navigational Changes


As the second Navigate actually took you to things related to what you are looking at this has now been renamed Related.


Business Central Navigational Changes


Within something like GL Entries where you selected Actions – Navigate to drill into a transaction that is now named as Find – Entries.

There are small changes throughout the menu.

Also, a change has been made to the report parameter pop up where you select your filters to preview or print a report.  If you select preview, then the pop up remains for you to return to should you decide you wish to change the parameters or then print/email the report.

When selecting say an item for an order or GL code in a journal the lookup list navigation has changed so that the menu is in a pop out on the ellipses next to New.


Business Central Navigational Changes - How to


Changes like this all come from Microsoft examining the usage of the application through its cloud servers plus the ideas forum where you can add your requests for future functionality, a link to the ‘ideas forum’ is here.

How do I get this?

If you are on Business Central in the cloud you will get these changes when Wave 2 2020 is applied to your system.


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