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Wave 2 2020 introduces a new feature called “Company Hub” – this would primarily be for users that have access to multiple environments or multiple tenancies.

For example, if you are the accountant for a group of companies spread out across the world so that your USA company accounting requires US sales tax rules, your UK one uses VAT, your Spanish one follows the tax rules and guidance for Spain. All of this can be achieved by utilising the localisation functionality of Business Central, but you may end up with different environments and/or different tenancies based on how your group IT is set up.

With the Company Hub feature you can connect one Business Central environment to another so that (like the standard view of all companies) you can see a view of all the companies in all the other environments you need to access.

This is done by searching on Company Hub and creating a new Environment Link (you can have as many of these as you need).

Picture 1 below shows a link being created 1 and 2 are identified as they refer to 1 and 2 in picture 2 below (which is the list of companies).

The environment link itself is just the hyperlink to the other environment (that you can copy from the address bar when you are logged into that company), the URL should and after the tenant ID.


Business Central Company Hub

Picture 1


Once you’ve created the link then use Test Connection – A warning pops up that you must have access to the other company, i.e. your user login must be a proper user and licensed.  Once the test is passed then the Hub will show all the companies available in that environment – as below


Business Central Company Hub

Picture 2


Note that you can also see the user tasks you may have in the other companies – you can access them all in one list by selecting My User Tasks from the menu.

Some summary data is also shown.

You can open any company by clicking on the relevant company name.

How do I get this?

If you are on Business Central in the cloud you will get these changes when Wave 2 2020 is applied to your system.


Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or


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