Business Central – Wave 2 2020 – Additional Email Options

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Additional email options have been added to Business Central.

Previously a single email account was used to send all documentation from, but now, several options have been added so that, for example, you can specify that all users send sales documents from one email account, and purchase documents from a different one.

Within “Set Up Email” and “Email Accounts” there are now 3 options.

Microsoft 365

Everyone sends email from a shared mailbox in Exchange Online.

When all messages come from the same department, for example, your sales organization sends messages from a account. This requires that you set up a shared mailbox in the Office 365 admin centre.

Current User

Everyone sends email from the account they used to sign into Business Central.Allow communications from individual accounts.

Other (SMTP)      

Use SMTP protocol to send emails.  Allow communications through your SMTP mail server.

This adds a lot more flexibility, control and options in how you handle your communications with your customers and vendors.


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