Benefits of using document capture with Business Central

One of the advantages of using a good ERP software system for your business is that it can enable you to use a Document Capture facility, which can help automate paper processes both when installing and beyond. As can be expected from an industry-leading provider such as Microsoft, their Business Central document capture feature has all the functionality needed to get the job done, whatever it might be.


Automated data capture

Manually typing invoices and other day-to-day business documents is far easier than it was, with advantages such as spell check and easy formatting processes all readily available to people with even the most basic software applications.

Automating each step of the process, from receiving and registering documents to storing them for easy retrieval, soon becomes second nature when using Document Capture 365. The OCR-technology it uses is intelligent, comes in-built into the app, and it also operates without further user involvement once it has been set up. It not only saves time but also helps to increase productivity.


Easy access

The digital archive used by this process means that registered documents from relevant places held in Dynamics 365 Business Central can be easily and quickly accessed in a range of different ways. Geographical independence means that employees based in any physical location can view documents on a range of devices over different platforms to best suit your business requirements, while the extensive operational environment also offers greater security and minimises error risk at the same time.


Essential module

Document Capture 365 allows you to choose the various modules that are meaningful for your needs. The Essential module is self-explanatory and acts as the first step for using the app before the functionality of Document Capture 365 can be increased by adding further modules as appropriate.

Using this type of Intelligent app is revolutionising many aspects of the daily process involved in running a successful modern business. Dynamics 365 can link up many areas of your operational scenario in a simple and straightforward way, giving you the ability to automate workflow across all departments. It means that you can compete with larger rivals on a level playing field or even gain an important advantage over your competitors, whatever their nature.


Premium modules

Should you need to add additional functionality on top of the Essential module, Document Capture 365 offers three other modules called Advanced Capture, Order Matching and Document Approval.

If you need to process other, more advanced types of document, the Advanced Capture module provides the functionality for this. It supports unlimited document types and also caters to the needs of those who have more than one business with its line recognition and company identification. The Order Matching module goes a step further and helps with matching purchase invoices to existing orders and return orders as well as posted receipts and return shipments. The final add-on, called Document Approval, enables the automating or forcing through of approval of documents and it can also put them on hold or forward them on, Its wide-ranging functions help create an end-to-end workflow.

Essential and Premium versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central offer a wide range of document capture functionality. To find out more, talk to our software support team today.

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