Are you thinking of using serial or batch tracking on your stock items?

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If you are using, or are thinking of using, serial or lot (batch) number tracking on your stock items then what are the best ways to answer these questions?

Customer is on the phone with a serial number, how can you quickly see which serial numbers you sold to them?

How can you see what serial numbers a vendor sent you?

How can you see all the transactions for a single serial number or stock item?

Customer & Vendor Query

Open the Customer (Vendor) record

Select Related – History – item Tracking Entries


You will then see the list of all tracked items with their numbers, using Entry on the menu you can see the serial/lot information cards as well.


All Transactions

Search for “Item Tracing”

The tracing screen then allows you to filter on Serial Number, Lot Number, Item Number

You can also decide whether to sort the list as Usage to Origin (sales then purchase or vice versa).

Once you have your filters select

Process – Trace


You are then presented with a list of transactions.

If you select a transaction and then use

Related – Line – Show Document

You can get to the Purchase/sale Document itself.

Using these two processes above then all your tracking requirements are quickly obtained.

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