Are the images in your emails displaying correctly?

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If the images in emails you are receiving are not displaying correctly, then you may need to add the sender’s email address to your local Outlook clients Safe Senders list.

Many email service providers gift their users daily with unwanted emails which are at best, annoying and at worst, malicious! Most of these unwanted emails are from advertising companies, which either promise to make us rich quickly or offer us the liberty to work from home.

How to add an email address to your Safe Sender List in Microsoft Outlook

Once you have opened your Microsoft Outlook client on your desktop, on the Ribbon, from the Home tab, select the Junk menu option.

  • Then select the “Junk E-mail Options…”


  • The next menu will appear


  • Then select “Add..” button


  • Now simply enter the email address you wish for Outlook to regard as a “Safe Sender”
  • Finally select OK and then OK again to complete the task


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