Dynamics 365 CRM
Dynamics 365 CRM – New Mobile App For On The Go Sales People

A new mobile app for sales users is coming, the app has been designed with on the go sales people in mind.

Field sellers traveling from one customer to the next often do not have time to update their CRM tools. At the same time, keeping everyone on the sales team aligned is key to achieving successful outcomes, not to mention that current and consistent sales data powers meaningful insights that help the sales organization sell more efficiently.

With the new mobile app, field sellers no longer need to wait. Updating Dynamics 365 Sales is quick and easy. The mobile app is optimized for the field seller’s most common on-the-go tasks. This means information in Dynamics 365 Sales is always current and field sellers can get things done in the moment, so nothing falls between the cracks.

Sign in swiftly with your work email: Access Dynamics 365 Sales quickly when you are on the go, using only your email address. (No need to remember org URLs.)

Access sales information with a single click: Land directly in the Sales app with no unnecessary clicks or configurations.

Use your org app module or the new out-of-the-box module that is optimized for mobile work.

Start your day with easy access to important info: screen upcoming customer meetings, review related records, and make relevant updates in seconds.

Add notes with the touch of a button as you walk out of meetings.

Quickly update accounts and opportunities, and access account or opportunity details in seconds, wherever you are.

Improved search experience: Search suggestions, search as you type, and a helpful search result grouping.

Responsive lists: Reducing clutter and optimizing lists for drill-down and bulk actions.

Mobile-optimized forms with scrollable tabs.

Enhanced navigation with gesture support on iOS and Android.


The meetings section of the home page shows important information about the last meeting you were in and the next one coming up. When you tap a meeting, the meeting details page opens.



Reminders and Insights

The Reminders and Insights sections on the home page show action cards from the relationship assistant.

Insight cards help keep you up to date with your work in Dynamics 365 Sales,  letting you know when you need to follow up on on email, attend a meeting, and much much more. The cards are generated by the assistant based on data stored in Dynamics 365 Sales and your Exchange inbox and calendar.


How do I get this?

The app is currently in public preview and will be made available for download for live systems soon.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or servicedesk@gccgroup.co.uk



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